Lancastrian Metal

Sanctuary of the Moors to be released worldwide throughout November!

Sanctuary Of The Moors, a concept album based on tales of Olden Lancashire.

Sanctuary of the Moors, a concept album based on tales of old Lancashire.

Our latest release is a concept piece based on the lore and legends of the mysterious plains of Anglezarke.

Of Men And Mer
Maw Of The Rift
Sanctuary Of The Moors

A triumvirate of metal – heavy, black and thrash – combines to devastating effect amidst a backdrop of tales from Neolithic through to Victorian times.

In the interim, shout ‘HAIL!’ and lose yourself in our prior release, Wild Woods…

The woods are wild...

The woods are wild…

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These are indeed tense times… but remember, the Woods are Wild… and the only Sanctuary is upon the Moors…