Wild Woods

Wild Woods is a 2016 culmination of earlier works, pending another release coming out in Autumn.

The tracks on Wild Woods are from the demo releases Trismegistus and Anglezarke.


Released in 2010 and recorded at West Orange Studios in Preston:

The Secret Of Hermes

Hermes Trismegistus gave cryptic instructions to European alchemists, which if translated correctly tells the reader how to create the Prima Materia – the Philosopher’s Stone.  These instructions were written on the Emerald Tablet, which has been deciphered over time, it’s secrets now revealed.


Destroying Angel
The track tells the tale of identifying the Soma, a Vedic ritual drink referred to in Hinduism.  Much speculation has been made as to the original identity of the plant that created the Soma, some say it was Amanita or another hallucinogenic fungi.  Shamans were said to have drank the urine of those who consumed the Soma, thus removing it’s more harmful constituents.  Those who took it first hand were said to become manically entranced.


Forged Land
Harking back to a more pastoral time before mass consumerism brainwashed the masses, the lyrics tell of a longing for a simpler life at one with the coast and the wilds.


White Gold Wielder
is based upon The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant by Stephen R. Donaldson.  Leaving the sunken island of the One Tree, the Giant ship Starfare’s Gem sets course to return to the Land.  In a dangerous region of the ocean known as the Soulbiter, the ship is blown off course into the far northern reaches of the Earth and becomes ice-bound.  Realizing that the Land’s needs cannot wait for the spring melt, Thomas Covenant leaves the ship and strikes out south over the icescape, accompanied by Linden, Vain, Findail the Elohim, Cail of the Haruchai, and four Giants.

Barleycorn’s Lament
Based on the Old English piece, John Barleycorn, the lyrics tell of the harvest and rebirth cycle as depicted through a crop of barley from sowing time through to it’s final product, a fine pint of cask ale!



Released in 2008 and recorded at Giraffe House studios in Wigan:

Arrival Of The Demeter
is inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and deals with the count’s arrival by ship to the shores of Whitby.


deals with Robert Holdstock’s Mythago Wood.


is inspired by the real-life history of our local countryside.


Level 4
is a re-recording of a track from our very first promo in 2005, and deals with the horrors of the Ebola virus in the Sudan.


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