Arendia2015 bw

After a hiatus of almost three years, Arendia are back together again and busy writing new material. Truth is, we never ‘split up’ just life got in the way for all of us and we put the band on hold until such a time that we could pick it up again.

We’ve already got the framework to three new tracks including an epic to rival even the mighty Barleycorn’s Lament! Expect the usual blend of black, thrash, metal, folk influences to contribute to a new release, which we hope to get down to recording at some point next year.

It’ll be a concept work and revisit some of the themes touched upon in the track Anglezarke from our second recording, but in much more depth, dealing with the tales surrounding our local beauty/wandering/walking/viewing/arsing about spot of the same name.

More details to follow soon!