Ancient wildwood
Subconcious Minds
Celtic forest
So full of memories

Seductive in its pull
Pathways call out to me
I feel its power
Disturbing me relentlessly

Following that path
By the side of the stream that leads
Deep in this mythic realm
So cold, so dark

I feel the woods oppression
Shadows haunt my fitfull dreams
Haunted by what once was

Days have passed
But still it seems
In here time has no meaning
The woodland grows
Oppresive in its anger

Once inside
Dreams turn to reality
Shamanistic Rites
Pagan battlefields

The legends come to life
Gwinneth take my hand
Help me find the way
Throughout this cursed realm

Malevolant ancient spirits
Primitive rituals
The freedom of insanity
closing in, temptation

Ice age and neolithic
Avalon, Tir-na-noc
The wall of fire
From which she will return

Memory of the land
Shadow of the forest
Hollowing, Gaberlungi
Skogen, Lament, Falkenna
Silvering, Cunhaval
Moondream, Sinisalo
Morndum, the ghost into an unknown region

And at its centre
A place of mystery
The source of all
The otherworld

The fire burns bright
Bird Spirit land
Ever more deeper
The quest begins

Souls have been taken
Never to re-appear

Enchantment’s strong, My love for her
Take me through the fire

Years have passed outside the wood
But I have lived but a day

Ryhope you will haunt me
To the end of my earthly days